"Hello I am 13"

Do you also have the feeling, that the age kind of makes people write in a certain way? 

Why the heck do 13 (and often 12) year olds always have to point out that ther ARE 13 (12)?? Really, what is with that age, it’s in 90% of the cases really 13… You kids, you really do not have to tell anyone what age you are, I can tell by the way you completely ignore punctuation and capitals!

If a teen might read this, here is a tip: Please DON’T tell your age. I don’t know if you want to say something like “I am 13, so I am basically an adult, people, so I am wise and listen what I tell you”. This is not working. At all. If I just read the number 13 I already go to “ignore kiddo” mode. A grown up wouldn’t tell his age when noone asked in every comment he/she leaves somewhere.

Next tip: If you have to say something, say it ONCE. I can read, I got it. 

Oh and… please learn how to write sentenses. This is a point . It is there to tell the brain your idea is done there, so it can process the meaning behind it. Leave it away and [my] brain will get annoyed, it’s like listening to gossiping, speedtalking girls…

Gooosh… I am sorry, I just wanted to spare a 12-year old from taking this to personal, but I had to get it out of me, because I really become PISSED of those comments….

Mobile Service

  • A guy from my mobile contract company was calling
  • Guy: I wanted to check if you are pleased with your product.
  • Me: Lately I was thinking about changing to a contract that has more Internet Download Volume and less SMS, I am not even using 10 of those 3000 each month. Back when I got it they said there was an option with 500MB instead of 250 and 100 sms.
  • Guy: Well, we have something called. xxx where you have 100 free minutes and 100 free SMS for 19,99€ and you can upgrade your internet to 1 GB for extra 10€.
  • Me: And what is the basic Data Volume for that?
  • Guy: 250MB you have now.
  • Me: I know I have 250MB, What would I get in the new?
  • Guy: 250MB.
  • Me .... I don't think it is very intelligent to get a contract with the SAME Data Volume and LESS SMS and paying the same...
  • Guy: ... I wouldn't advice you to do so as well...